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Many Benefits of the Preferred Markets Access Program Offered By the American Agents Alliance

One key benefit to becoming a member of The American Agents Alliance is access to our exclusive preferred insurance markets. This member-only benefit is available for California producers when you join the American Agents Alliance.

We developed our preferred markets program alongside our carrier partners to ensure you can build a quality preferred book and profitable insurance agency. Our unique program allows you to access these preferred insurance markets while empowering you with the knowledge and skills you need to develop your agency successfully.

Whether you are a new agent looking to grow their business with strong carrier partners or an existing agency that wants to add more carriers, we can help!


What You’ll Gain From Access to Our Preferred Markets

There are many benefits to using our preferred markets, such as learning:

  • How to build a profitable insurance agency with quality insurance carriers
  • How to dramatically improve policy retention
  • How to discuss account rounding with your clients

You’ll also keep your book of business. Once you get your direct appointment, you’ll broker-of-record all the sales you have written through us back to your agency.


How the American Agents Alliance Supports You Through Our Preferred Markets Access Program

New agents are looking for support as they grow their agency – whether it is someone to answer questions or help with tricky submissions. When you access our preferred markets program, you will also receive support along the way from the American Agents Alliance.

We will help you by:

  • Underwriting and helping to guide you through every submission
  • Answering your questions
  • Assisting you to build a profitable book of business that you can be proud of

If you are a new agent or trying to establish your business with a carrier, we can help by leveraging the strength of our partnerships to support your agency.


The Goals of Our Preferred Markets Access Program

The goals of our preferred markets access program are to help you establish your agency! Through our program, the goals are to build a solid book of business, learn sound underwriting techniques, and set up a direct appointment with carriers and transfer your book of business to your agency.

If this sounds like it would benefit you, reach out today and join the hundreds of other members who have benefited from our preferred markets access!


Additional Member Benefits Available From the American Agents Alliance

In addition to exclusive access to our preferred markets, you’ll receive all member benefits when you join your fellow agents and brokers as a member of the American Agents Alliance. Valuable member benefits include:

  • Access to E&O insurance (California producers only)
  • Exclusive lead generation and call nurturing
  • Academic opportunity discounts
  • Discounted member rate for our annual conference and expo, the largest P&C event in the west

Become a member of the American Agents Alliance today to access preferred insurance markets and these other great member benefits! Your preferred market access awaits.

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