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Five Post-Event Steps to Maximize Your Insurance Conference Experience

Insurance industry conferences combine education, networking, and vendors in one fun location. They are a convenient way to catch up with colleagues and peers and to meet new friends. You can even knock out your CE credit for the year when you attend recognized sessions. Insurance conferences are often held in beautiful vacation destinations, like California, Las Vegas, and Florida, so you can extend your time and relax after your conference is over.

Finding ways to maximize your industry conference experience begins before the event, continues at the conference, and finishes after you have left the event. Planning thoroughly before the conference ensures you’ll attend the sessions you want and visit the vendors you need.

Making the most of your time while at the event means you will meet new contacts and learn about innovations to help your agency. And maximizing your post-event experience by following our top five tips means you’ll get the most out of your insurance conference.

Follow some or all of these after-conference steps to maximize the industry conference experience and make the most of your time spent away from the office.


Top 5 Post-Conference Steps to Maximize Your Industry Conference Experience

These five post-event steps can help you maximize your time spent at insurance industry conferences.

  1. Go to the after-party. Most insurance industry conferences have an after-party, sometimes hosted by the conference itself, other times hosted by a vendor or sponsor. RIMS and the CPCU Society conferences are well known for their sponsored events. The after-hours parties are among the best places to network with other attendees, so don’t skip the party.


  1. Share your thoughts on social media. Write a post thanking the conference organizers or calling out something cool you learned at the event. Be sure to use the event hashtag and tag connections on your post. Starting a discussion on social media is valuable – many people are working to grow their connections and appreciate joining meaningful discussions. You can establish yourself as a thought leader by sharing relevant content and engaging others with your posts.


  1. Connect with attendees on social media. If you didn’t follow new connections on your socials while at the event, take time to follow conference attendees, organizers, and speakers after you’ve returned home after the event. You can send a personalized message or a follow request. Try connecting on Twitter, LinkedIn, Clubhouse, or any platform you prefer.


  1. Introduce a vendor you met to your team. If you connected with an innovative vendor at the event, introduce them to your team. Set up a Zoom session to connect the vendor and your team. Finding a new vendor to solve a problem your team is facing is a valuable way to maximize your insurance industry conference experience.


  1. Reflect on your conference goals and takeaways. Take time to reflect on the goals you had set for your conference attendance. Did you attend the sessions you planned to go to and meet the colleagues you wanted to meet? Did you cross off your CE credits for the year? Review your event takeaways and decide how you will continue to learn. Share the most relevant parts with your team.

One bonus tip – remember to submit your expense report promptly. It is much easier to remember all your expenses – and keep track of your receipts – if you report them quickly. Your accounting department, and your wallet, will thank you.


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