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New Year, New Employees: Re-envisioning Your Staffing in 2018

It’s a new year, and as Auld Lang Syne rings out, you’re busy planning to make some changes in your staff development programs this year. How can you support change in your group of insurance employees? Make plans that will help your insurance company and its employees grow.


Consider Outsourcing for Insurance Jobs

If you’re looking for the best employees to add to your business this year, “there is a growing trend towards outsourcing recruitment-related tasks, such as sourcing and screening, specifically through offshore models,” according to Echo Gravity. When you’re recruiting, this allows you to focus on other tasks, such as assessing the gaps in your staff team and interviewing new candidates.


Embrace the Flexible Employment Economy 

The gig economy is alive and well. Forbes states that “at least 40% of the workforce will be freelancers in the next few years.” Whether you’re working with those who develop your website or you’ve outsourced some of your administration, you may already work with people who are not your full time staff. Consider how you will effectively integrate these different groups so that they work well together.


Look at Alternative Credentials 

What kind of credentials do your employees really need to succeed in your insurance jobs? Tuition costs continue to rise, and according to Forbes, “Some are avoiding college altogether and are pursuing these free or low-cost online courses.” As you look at recruiting talent and building up the skills of your insurance team, you too can look at these alternative credentials and assess their value to your employees and your business.


Combine Different Types of Training 

Since insurance jobs are in constant flux and respond to changes in the insurance industry, technology, and peoples’ habits, your employees need training to stay on top of the industry. Traditional workshop methods aren’t the most effective way to train your employees. Instead, combine in-person training with online resources and training so that your employees have somewhere to turn when they have a question after the fact. Use self-paced training programs that allow employees to move through their education at the pace that they need.


Give Regular Feedback

With the rise of social media, there’s also a rise in the desire that employees have for continuous feedback rather than occasional performance reviews. Institute a feedback process within your insurance jobs so that you can give employees the information that they need about their performance and make improvements more quickly.


Focus on the Employee Experience 

While you need to make sure that your employees are doing a great job at your company, you also need to ensure that you keep your employees around. Today more than ever, employees have a relatively short tenure at each company that they work with. Programs like employee educational opportunities, frequent feedback, and other elements of your corporate culture are essential parts of keeping employees around a little longer so that you can see the fruits of your investments.

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