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Social Media Day 2014

You may not find any Happy Social Media Day cards in your local gift store, but that doesn't mean you can't use the occasion to help market your agency and increase awareness of your insurance brand. Social Media Day was actually invented by Mashable in 2010 to help recognize the digital media revolution.

As part of the celebration, Mashable helps organize meetups all over the world. In other words, interested people get together to discuss social media and other forms of digital marketing. This year Social Media Day is taking place on Monday, June 30.

Wondering how can your agency benefit from this occasion? You could offer to hold your own social media day meetup with other local businesses who are interested in maximizing their marketing efforts. Instead of inviting other agencies, you might invite representatives from nearby companies. The bakery or dentist's office in the same strip shopping mall as your agency also wants to make the most of their own marketing dollars. Most likely, they all have social media pages too. To commemorate this day, perhaps you could get each business to highlight the other businesses on their own Facebook fan page or Twitter feed. This way, you would all have a chance to take your message to a larger audience that is comprised of the fans and followers of the other member businesses. These businesses are not competing for your insurance clients. On the other hand, the doughnut shop or travel agency next door has clients that also need insurance. This way, nobody loses, and everybody has the chance to win by gathering a larger social media following. 

Be sure to use the hashtag #SMDAY while sharing your social experience with everyone.  

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