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Social Media Tips to Gain More Followers Part 1

Are you sticking to your social media strategy this year? As a local insurance agency, we understand that it is hard to keep up marketing strategies and tactics while writing policies. However, keeping up with the latest trends and staying social is crucial.

If you have made a pact to be more social throughout 2013, we are talking to you! We believe it is important to share what is working for us in order to offer the right advice and tools for your own agency.

Is your agency on Twitter? If you have been tweeting daily, you may notice that your follower count has gone up – or maybe not – depending on how active you are. If the number of followers you have been gaining is at a stand-still, do not fret. Our agency has put together a list of five tips that will help you gain more followers over the course of the year!

Here are two useful tips to get you started:


#1: Be authentic.

First thing is first… complete your account! If you still have the photo of an “egg” as your photo, no one is going to think twice about following you. Be sure to upload a picture of yourself or the agency logo to show Twitter users that you are a REAL person behind your Twitter handle… not just a robot. We chose to go with our logo and it has worked out well for us!


#2: Search and follow.

Do not wait for people in the local community to find you! It is your job to “build your community” and reach out to others. If you rely on others to find you, you may not be happy with the end results. Start by following local businesses (restaurants, sports teams, local shops). In part two, we’ll share three more!


About the Author: Lloyd Pro Group is an Atlanta-based insurance agency started in 1985. It now serves more than 15,000 clients various personal lines and business lines of insurance and services. The agency is dedicated to providing a customized approach and anticipating their clients’ needs to develop proactive risk transferring strategies.

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