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The 2019 American Agents Alliance Conference

What can you expect when you visit the 2019 American Agents Alliance Conference? This year’s conference is happening from September 26th to 28th in Palm Desert, California. It’s the largest P&C insurance event in the West. Who’s coming, and in what events can you expect to participate at our insurance conference?


The Exhibitors 

A key part of any conference is its exhibitors. With over a hundred exhibitors including many different tech companies, specialist companies, marketing companies, business management companies, and other support systems for your insurance agency, you’ll be able to ask questions of many different businesses at the same time. For instance, if you’re curious about disaster insurance, the California Earthquake Authority will be exhibiting. Look up a floor plan before you go, or create a list of your targeted exhibitors so that you can focus on the ones who are most important to you.


Conference Education 

Workshops and speakers are a key part of our insurance conference, providing continuing education to you and your employees. This year’s speakers focus on a wide range of topics, including:

  • Client retention
  • Insurance marketing, including qualifying buyers and marketing strategies such as text messaging
  • Types of ownership and entities
  • Writing commercial auto insurance
  • Becoming a high growth agency
  • Finding high net worth clients
  • Worker’s compensation
  • How to outsource
  • Understanding natural disasters such as wildfire and how they play a role in the insurance industry
  • E&O claims

Social Events 

Conference social events are not only an excellent way to unwind, but they’re also a networking opportunity. Join us for a golf tournament, lunchtime walk, or an evening mixer and meet others from the insurance industry.


Making the Most of Your Insurance Conference 

How can you get the most out of your insurance conference? Here are a few tips to help your conference run smoothly:

  • Get there early and participate in pre-conference events. Get to know people before the conference begins.
  • Practice introducing yourself, your background, your agency, and your needs so that you’re ready to explain them to others.
  • Ask lots of questions of other people. This is how you’ll get to know their specific needs and interests too.
  • Be personable and connect with others. This can be difficult, especially if networking is not your usual focus, but going out of your way to connect will help you make the contacts you need to make to further your business.
  • Take a lot of notes. That way, you don’t forget what was said, and more importantly, you don’t forget your thoughts about it.
  • Remember to follow up after the conference on contacts, leads, and information that you’ve learned during the conference.

The right conference can not only give you an increased understanding of your industry, but it can change the way you work at your agency, provide you with new tools, and cement new connections and collaborative opportunities.

Are you ready for the 2019 American Agents Alliance Convention?   Contact us today to learn more about the Alliance Convention and about the ways in which American Agents Alliance can help your insurance agency every day of the year.


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