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The Face of Your Insurance Agency

Building a recognizable and respectable brand is one of the most important things you can do in order to ensure the success of your insurance agency. Without strong branding, clients won’t remember the name or the face of your insurance agency or take you as seriously. Below are some tips you can use to create a solid, professional image for your new brand.


Pick the right name.

Hearing the name of your agency is the first exposure most clients will have to your brand. When considering various names, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is the name easy to remember? Don’t choose a name that is hard for the average person to remember or pronounce. If they are unable to remember your name, they are less likely to become clients.
  • Is the acronym problematic? Some names you consider may yield inappropriate or unprofessional acronyms that can damage your brand’s image. For example, at first glance, the name “Leslie Oliver Langston Insurance” seems respectable. However, the acronym reads “LOL Insurance,” which is unlikely to inspire confidence among potential clients.
  • Is the name too similar to another agency or business? As an emerging agency, you need a name that stands out and sets you apart from the competition. Avoid choosing names that are similar to that of another business in the area. For example, if a competing agency is named “The Douglas Smith Insurance Agency”, naming your agency “Douglas Scott Insurance” would not be the best decision.


Launch a functional insurance agency website.

With so many potential clients searching for agencies on the internet, emerging agencies need to develop an online presence. As you design your website, make sure that it offers clean, practical navigation. It’s also important to minimize the amount of time it takes for each page to load, so avoid putting too much content or graphics on a single page. For a simple, inexpensive website building option, consider working with a provider like WordPress or Google Sites.


Set up a professional insurance email account.

Email is an essential communication tool for any insurance agency. Although plenty of free email providers exist, they don’t exude the same sense of professionalism as a branded email account will. For example, going back to the example of Leslie Oliver Langston Insurance, is much more professional than


Invest in quality business cards.

As a new agency, it may be tempting to cut overhead costs by printing your business cards at home. However, it is easy for clients to tell the difference between a high-quality, professionally printed business card and a quick job done at home. Spend a little bit of money so you can provide your clients with a card they won’t want to throw away. Although they may seem small, all of these things can make an impression on potential clients and affect your brand image. Take the right steps to promote yourself and your insurance agency in a positive and professional manner, and it will pay off in the end.

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