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The Golden Key to Building Your Insurance Business

Do you have your shovel at the ready? Any seasoned prospector needs to have the tools of the trade at hand. When you're in the insurance business, you're in the prospecting business. You need to be able to dig up the leads you need and mine them until they yield insurance gold. If you're an enthusiastic prospector, you can grow your insurance business and leap ahead of the competition. Why is prospecting so important to your insurance business? Read on.

Know Yourself

Who are you as a business, and who do you want to work with? You might have a broad base of insurance products, or you might specialize and go deeply into a few types of insurance, such as auto insurance. The more you diversify your business, the broader your expertise will need to become, and the wider you'll need to cast your net for different prospects. Grow consciously, so that you can grow with an understanding of who you are and who your prospects are at the same time.

The Key to Lead Generation

There is no single key to lead generation. If there is, it's labeled "diversity." You need to use many different strategies to reach out to your difference audiences since you live and work in a diverse community of people. To prospect effectively, understand your audiences. Create profiles of your customers, and know how to reach out to these different niches. For example, if you know that many seniors are transitioning to better health insurance, examine the ways in which you can connect with that specific audience. Each different group of people has unique needs, interests, and ways of communicating and connecting with your business.

Build Your Web Presence

One way to reach out to many different audiences is to build a strong web presence. Develop SEO that's targeted to the keywords that your prospects are looking for, and look to local sources of business and beyond. It's important to ensure that you have your local business listings up to date so that you can connect with that audience. Develop portals and landing pages that take each group of customers on a journey through your site, so that they land on the information that they need and ensure that they can contact you in a way that they feel comfortable.

Practice Your Connection

As you work to turn those potential prospects into insurance customers, you'll need to understand your products completely. If you're just starting out with a specific product, get to know that product so well that you can anticipate questions and objections and create discussion around your product that draws your prospective customers in. Schedule your prospecting time, and set aside time to nurture your prospects. Remember that watering fertile ground will help your seeds grow. Tossing out a few messages to your prospects, then ignoring them, won't yield results, while consistently arriving with a well-planned message will help draw your prospects in.

When you're looking for support with your insurance prospecting, contact the American Agents Alliance. With classes, networks, and conferences, we're here to help independent insurance agents as you expand your business.

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