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The Landing Page Doctor is In

After investing a lot of money in website development and traffic generation, many insurance agencies find their website performance disappointing. If online visitors aren’t filling out the quote form or picking up the phone, you might be able to improve your ROI with a few simple tweaks. Successful online businesses always regard their site as a work in progress, and they never stop testing to maximize conversions.


Track Your Traffic

Before you start generating any traffic, you should make sure you have usable traffic statistics installed. Google Analytics is a popular choice. It’s free, and you can install it by cutting and pasting a few lines of code after you sign up for an account. With proper traffic reports, you can track where your traffic comes from, what users do when they browse your website, and which sources of traffic result in conversions. Now that you know exactly what your traffic does when they visit your insurance website, you can begin working towards improving its performance.


Think Like a Consumer

Some agencies find it tough to analyze their own sites objectively. The message may be totally clear and appealing to agents, but you have to make certain that it is clear to the consumers you want to attract as your clients. Lacking a crystal ball, you have to start testing different things to see what works best with your targeted audience.


Color matters:

KISSMetrics reported that Heinz changed their ketchup color from red to green and experienced record sales. On a visual medium like websites, color schemes do impact user impressions and behavior. Many companies have increased conversions by experimenting with the color of their call-to-action buttons and overall color scheme.


Website speed:

Internet users have no patience for sites that take a long time to load. If your site is bloated with poorly optimized graphics or scripts, you are losing clients. This has become an even bigger factor because more Internet users access websites from phones and tablets that may be less powerful than desktop computers.


Clear call to action:

If you want your visitors to pick up the phone, send you an email, or fill out a quote form, be sure to let them know with a clear call to action. You can use articles, videos, and graphics to attract visitors and establish yourself as an expert, but these should also remind your site’s visitors that they need to take an action to get better coverage and save money. Insurance consumers are online, and an effective website can help grow your insurance agency.

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