The World Is Mobile. Your Agency Should Be Too.

When you leave the office, does your agency follow?

There was a time when being away from the office meant work left undone. Thankfully, technology has erased this paradigm. Between cloud-based software and the mobile computing power of today’s laptops, tablets and smartphones, the world has never been more connected.

When today’s insurance agents capitalize on the productivity and efficiency gains of this new mobile reality, they position themselves to improve productivity, enhance profitability, and remain ahead of the competition.

Agents on the Go

Independent insurance agents are constantly on the move. Ambition, opportunity and the desire for work-life balance all drive you to spend more and more time outside the traditional office setting. But even on the go, successful agents must service clients and drive their sales pipelines forward with equal energy, capability and enthusiasm.

Collaboration is key, so your agency’s workflows should follow you everywhere. You should be able to create and reference notes, assign and work tasks, and set and respond to reminders. Your agency team should be just as connected and engaged as they would be sitting in the office together.

Policy information, conversation records and quote histories—these are all things you need access to at your fingertips and in their entirety.

Being able to manage your agency from anywhere, anytime means first having the right agency management software. EZLynx ONE PLATFORM was designed with the modern insurance agent in mind, so that your agency can thrive well beyond your physical office.

Within EZLynx, you can also communicate directly with clients and prospects alike while on the go, retaining records of it all for E&O purposes.

With EZLynx, there’s no need to download a separate app to gain access on a mobile device or tablet. Access to the internet is the only requirement. That’s the beauty of a true cloud-based solution.

Your Clients Are Mobile Too

Your clients are also mobile, and their demands don’t stop just because your office is closed.

More and more business is being conducted online. In fact, a recent Travelers study found that less than 40% of Millennials want to transact business over the phone.

Are you keeping up with mobile trends and the business impacts they are already having on the insurance industry?

Your agency website is a great place to start. Do you have a website built by insurance industry experts, with time and attention paid to SEO to help your agency get found in search engines and online directories?

Over half of all insurance shoppers are on a mobile device. Is your website designed with these mobile insurance shoppers in mind?

Insurance shoppers have been taught to expect that they should be able to receive a quote online in minutes. If your agency can’t deliver, prospects are very likely to move on to an agency that can.

And client portals—once a “nice to have”—are now table stakes. Customers expect self-service access to ID cards and policy documents anytime and from any device. They expect to be able to make policy change requests and view coverages. In short, they expect your agency to exist digitally 24/7.

Perhaps nothing says “mobile” more than text messaging, and it’s the new norm for communication. Is your agency up to speed on this platform? And do those text messages integrate with your chosen management system?

EZLynx ONE PLATFORM was built with an eye toward servicing today’s insurance customers. Beyond simply providing a mobile experience, it’s about leveraging mobile capabilities to innovate the way business is conducted.

EZLynx Client Center, for example, makes it possible for customers to upload photos to an online portal directly from their camera-enabled mobile device, including from the scene of an accident. When your clients are truly in need, is your agency there for them… or does it only invite them to leave a voicemail?

Is Your Agency Mobile?

Successful agencies change with the times. Today’s mobile reality isn’t just about making sure your time away from the office is truly time best-spent, it is also about making sure that you’re delivering the best possible value for your clients and prospects. Customer expectations have never been higher, and these expectations never sleep. Technology is the driving force behind these demands, and your agency needs to be plugged into it. The right agency management system can both bolster the efforts of the mobile insurance agent and strengthen the digital customer experience. Does your agency have the tools it needs to maintain a competitive edge—even while on the go? If not, EZLynx can help.


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