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Tips to Attract Younger Customers for Restaurant Clients

Your insurance agency is committed to supporting the local community in any way possible. So why not provide local restaurants with some tips on how to attract more customers? Although they may have a steady flow of loyal eaters that have been residents for years, that doesn’t mean they will attract younger crowds that are crucial to their business’ success.

In order to attract more business from teens and young adults, suggest some of the following strategies to your restaurant clients:


Focus on Sharing and Interaction

For the younger generation, food at restaurants comes second to interactions with friends and family. Therefore, try adjusting your menu to include smaller portions and fewer ingredients so they can share multiple plates.


Familiar Dishes don’t have to be Boring

Generation Y enjoys new, exciting, and experimental foods. However, that doesn’t mean you have to totally stray away from the norm. Try adding your own twist to traditional family foods by including exotic flavors and attractive colors.


Offer Healthy and Delicious Tasting Food

The younger crowd has grown up in a culture where health is emphasized. Therefore, many are attracted to healthier food options in restaurants. Yet, this doesn’t mean the dishes should be bland. Expose your customers to wholesome food, including great-tasting green vegetables and lots of proteins.


Dishes on the Go

These days, everyone is on the run. If there is little time to stop for lunch or dinner, younger people like to grab their food on the go. But that doesn’t mean they have to settle for a fast food joint. Attract them by offering a to-go menu with easily transportable foods.


Mix Up Your Beverage Menu

Many young adults enjoy going out for a drink and some appetizers. This is a social arena you should be taking advantage of. Try adding a unique mixed drink menu to your restaurant that won’t clean out their pockets. In addition, you can find local beers and wines to offer at your bar to remain part of the community. These guidelines are some ways your restaurant customers can become more of a part of their community. Food and drink bring everyone together, especially if it is great tasting and affordable.

As the crowds begin to increase, remind your clients that they should keep their restaurant liability insurance updated in case an accident or injury occurs on-site. This is important for the protection of their business and reputation.


About the Author: Nathan Dagley is the Founder of Dagley Insurance & Financial Services, Inc. with offices in Texas and Colorado. He is responsible for the strategic direction of the company and brings leadership and vision to DIFS. Nationwide Insurance Company has honored Mr. Dagley for attaining the level of Champions Conference and Presidents Conference for multiple years. In 2006, Mr. Dagley achieved the highest level of honor Presidents Conference All-Star which recognizes the top twelve Nationwide Insurance agencies in the country.

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