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Use Podcasts to Educate Your Insurance Clients

What’s up at your insurance agency? Whether you’re talking about the latest insurance news or you’re letting clients know about a new product, podcasts can act as educational talk radio for your insurance customers. Reach out, educate, and draw in new customers by creating a podcast for your insurance company.


What is a Podcast?

A podcast is a series of digital media files that your website visitors or social media followers can download and track on their computers, phones, or other devices. In a time when it’s become harder to find time to sit and read, the podcast is the solution to continuing education on a commute or while your customers are making dinner. It doesn’t replace blogging, webinars, ebooks, or other inbound marketing techniques. Rather, it’s a slightly different part of your insurance marketing arsenal.


Creating Your Podcasts

According to Entrepreneur Magazine, “podcasting can be described as “push” audio content. The “push” is to a targeted audience or an “on-demand” audience; those who want it.” When you’re creating your podcast, you have an insurance marketing advantage. You know that your audience has gone to the trouble to click on your podcast, and they’re motivated to hear what you have to say.

As you create a podcast, think about this audience. After all, your podcast is only a click away from being turned off altogether. Your podcast should provide:

Immediate engagement and entertainment. Get your audience excited about the content you’re providing, and create a hook to drag them in.

Substantial value. Your podcast should provide information that is unique to your business. What can you provide that others cannot? For example, if your insurance agency specializes in providing auto insurance, create a podcast on safety for elderly drivers or ideas for parents whose children are graduating into the driving world.

Discussions and stories. Audio content is the ideal medium to bring in a guest from your community or a specialist in the insurance field. Make sure that person is not boring, though. Spice up your insurance podcast with relevant personal stories and remember to keep it engaging.


Balance Evergreen Content and News

In the world of podcasting, it can seem like the big names have it made. They have a larger audience from the beginning, and this means that they have a wide potential listening audience when they turn to podcasting.

However, even if you’re small, that doesn’t mean you will be unpopular. According to Mashable, “the secret sauce for independent podcasters is evergreen content.” Create content that will generate interest months and even years from now. This kind of content includes tips, resources, stories, and how to ideas. For example, a podcast on preparing your family for hurricane season will be relevant every hurricane season because, unfortunately, hurricanes never go out of style.


Podcast PR

Podcasts are a choice for your site’s visitors. They opt into this extended content. You need to promote your podcasts as a valuable addition to your insurance website. To promote your podcasts, you can:

  • Incorporate them as part of your regular social media posts, and remember to add them to your insurance marketing schedule for next year if they’re evergreen.
  • Add your show to iTunes.
  • Link to your podcast in your social media profiles.
  • Work to promote it on diverse social media venues. For example, you can promote your podcast on Pinterest, highlighting show details in a visual medium.
  • Integrate your podcast with Youtube, or turn a video into a podcast.
  • Share and swap with others who are related to the insurance field, and have them on your podcast.


At American Agents Alliance, we’re here to help you with your insurance marketing. We understand your small, independent insurance business. Contact us today and take advantage of our business resources and networking opportunities.

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