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Using LinkedIn to Build Your Insurance Agency’s Reputation

How do you position your insurance agency online? While blogs are certainly one element of insurance marketing, they aren’t the entire picture when it comes to establishing an online presence as a strong, reputable insurance agency. You can also use social media such as LinkedIn for insurance marketing.


How Does LinkedIn Work? 

LinkedIn is a social media network that’s specifically designed for professional networking. It has about 500 million users, so chances are you’ll find ample marketing opportunities on this network. It’s used for recruitment, B2B marketing, and for building your online reputation.


Creating Your Online Reputation 

Your insurance marketing strategy likely has some element of brand development. This articulates who you are as an agency. What is your vision, and how do you strive to achieve this? How do you brand yourself through customer service and through your brand voice? All of these elements come into play when you think about creating a presence on LinkedIn as well.


Develop a Strong Profile 

One large element of LinkedIn is your profile. Don’t sell yourself short here. Showcase awards that you or your agency have received, and create visual content that complements your written content. Focus on your headline, because that will show up wherever you are on LinkedIn.

Make sure that you have a comprehensive profile for yourself and your business, and orient it as a sales document. Instead of simply providing a list of what your agency has done, talk about how you’ve helped your clients. That way, prospective partners or clients visiting your page can see how you can help them too.


Connect With Other Professionals 

It’s always a good idea to connect with others in your industry. If their agency is located in a different area or they have a different focus than you do, they can send business your way. At the very least, if you have a strong relationship, they can speak about you highly. The Digital Training Institute recommends that you “connect with current and past colleagues, who can also enhance your profile through written recommendations related to your experience and explicit endorsement of your skills.”


Share With Others 

LinkedIn has groups that you can visit. As a professional in your field, you’re uniquely qualified to give advice to potential clients in these groups. Be helpful, and you’ll find that people will start to come to your agency because you’ve been useful to them online or they’ve found the answer that you gave to someone else. Join conversations that are already in progress as well, adding constructive, helpful comments to the conversation. This shows that you’re open to dialogue and an expert in the field as well.


Learn From Others 

You need to position yourself as a learner as well. Visit groups to learn about news in your industry, to ask questions about other peoples’ experiences, and to discuss potential training opportunities for yourself or your employees. Showing an eagerness to learn is also a part of becoming a stronger presence on LinkedIn. Post other peoples’ content as status updates so that you become a person that others turn to when they want to find the best content in your area of business.


Generate Original Content 

Blogs are a way to show off your content, but LinkedIn is a network made up of motivated people who are eager to hear about your professional experiences, so you should also post your content there. What do you know extremely well? Write about that in accessible language, knowing that other professionals and potential clients alike will probably access this information. Use keywords diligently, since those keywords will help move your content into other users’ newsfeeds.

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