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Want to Boost the ROI on Your Internet Leads? Find the Right Partner

As an insurance agent, you continually optimize your strategy to reach new prospects and accomplish your ultimate goal: closing as many sales as possible. In an increasingly tech-centric market, success demands a combination of both traditional and digital tools, which includes valuable internet leads.

You already know the basics of what lead generation companies offer — but what exactly should you look for in order to choose the best partner for your individual needs? How can you be sure the leads you receive are precisely tailored and targeted to your specific sales goals?


What To Look For in a Internet Lead Partner

Top tier lead generation companies offer much more than just lists of leads. Your provider should also act as a virtual marketing agency, helping you target customers more effectively and grow your business. As you evaluate vendors, consider companies that offer the maximum amount of control over your experience.

A quality lead provider should offer:

  • Limited share leads — leads should be shared no more than 3 or 4 times
  • Multiple lead delivery options (email, text, CRM, quoting tool, dialer)
  • Auto-funding, with the option to add funds at any time
  • The ability to pause leads in order to control spending
  • Geo-targeting, with the option to expand your territory
  • Additional client acquisition services such as live transfers and in-bound calls
  • Dedicated account management to help you get more out of your investment

When investing in internet leads, it’s important to research the providers you’re considering in advance. Many companies offer leads, but the quality, cost, and customer service can vary dramatically between one service and the next. While it’s tempting to focus solely on price, savvy agents will want to look deeper. Experience should be a key consideration — choosing a lead provider with at least ten years in the business will ensure they have a track record long enough to make informed decisions and offer a high quality product.


In Insurance, There’s No Such Thing As “One-Size-Fits-All”

Of course, you know your business best. You’ll want to make sure you spend your marketing dollars with a provider who has the expertise to tailor your account to your needs.

At Precise Leads, we know that every agent is unique. Our lead specialists take the time to determine the type of client you’re targeting and create a plan that drives qualified consumers to you in real-time. We want you to meet your target cost per acquisition, and speaking with actual insurance shoppers is key.

With flexible pricing, smart filters, and more than a decade of experience, Precise is trusted by carriers, captive agents, and independent producers across the country.


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