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What Benefits Make You An Attractive Employer?

When you’re creating insurance jobs, what do you put into that job description? You probably try to make it as attractive as possible for your prospective employees: a substantial and fulfilling set of job duties combined with an excellent compensation package. However, that’s not all that employees are looking for: they’re also seeking job benefits. What benefits make you the most attractive employer who can land the best talent for your insurance office?


Health Care Benefits 

According to Glass Door, “Nearly four in five (79%) of employees2 would prefer new or additional benefits to a pay increase.” The most popular benefit desired is health care, such as medical and dental. Health insurance helps your employees stay productive, and provisions such as paid sick leave prevent people from coming to work when they are sick. Forbes states that “It’s an investment worth making not only to incentivize employees, but to ensure that employees are healthy and productive.” Disability benefits are also important to your employees, as these benefits provide employees with the reassurance that even if they were to become disabled, their families would have some support for costs.


Leave Provisions 

What happens if an employee has a baby or if an employee’s family member is ill? You’ve trained your employee, and now that person wants to leave? Leave provisions provide your employees with the time to work on family life without worries about work. If your employees were at work during this time, they would likely be less productive and distracted, so it’s best for them to focus on family life for a while.

Paid vacation time is also a huge perk for employees, and it’s one that people look for when they’re trying to decide what job to take. Even if you can’t extend paid vacation time, consider looking into flexible work arrangements, so that people can take an extra day off now and then.  Workplace flexibility is valuable to your employees.


Job Training Opportunities 

Your insurance agency needs to train employees, but when you enhance your employees’ skills in new ways, you not only improve their abilities on the job: you also increase their contributions to the agency. Employees are looking for work opportunities that allow them to advance their education. An insurance agency that provides informal mentorship and formal training opportunities provides the best of both worlds.

If you can, provide tuition reimbursement for relevant programs or partner with agencies that provide employee discounts on training, your employees will appreciate the financial assistance as well.


A Supportive Corporate Culture 

While this is not a tangible benefit, it’s very beneficial for your employees when you have a positive, supportive corporate culture. When you allow your employees to state and pursue their interests in areas connected to your agency’s development, or when you provide flexibility for employees, they appreciate it and will be more devoted to your insurance agency.

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