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Why Are You Marketing?

Why are you marketing, anyway? At times, your insurance marketing may seem like a lot of work for little gain. However, marketing is essential, whether you’re a large agency or just starting out in the insurance business. As you develop social media campaigns or create blog content, keep the reasons behind your marketing in mind.


Marketing Allows You to Control the Conversation

Who’s talking about your business? In the age of social media, many people are doing just that. From review sites such as Yelp to discussions on social media groups such as Facebook groups, social media gives your reputation a life of its own. Take a seat at the table and consciously add to the online conversation about your business by staying active on social media, seeking out online reviews, and responding to comments and discussions online.


Marketing Establishes Your Business in the Community

Whether you’re catering to an online community through web-based sales or you’re focused on building up a local market that visits your bricks-and-mortar insurance business, you need to establish your business in the community. Marketing techniques such as blogging allow you to develop an online presence and reputation with your readers. Giving helpful insurance advice on your blog makes you a trusted source of information in the community. Developing workshops or handouts for community members that focus on insurance education also establishes your reputation.


Marketing Allows You to Create a Distinct Brand 

Who are you? When people think of your business, what springs to mind? Even if you don’t think that you need branding, you do need to consciously develop an image for your business. According to Marketing Donut, branding “should convey what is special about your business and it should show you in a positive light.”

Branding doesn’t mean that you need to create merchandise or advertising on television. It means that you discuss what kind of image you want people to see when they think about your brand and that you work to consciously create that image.

For example, branding can occur when you develop:

  • A logo, so that people can see who you are right from the start
  • A writing voice, so that people who visit your website, blog, or social media sites know how you communicate.
  • A table at the community fair
  • A relationship with a local children’s soccer team as a sponsor for their uniforms

According to Crowd Favorite, “Marketing is food. It’s the regular, sustained nourishment that gets your business where you want it.” Branding shows how your business is distinct and different, and it consciously establishes your public image. You need to do this every day so that you can continue to establish your business image and presence.


Marketing Spreads the Word About New Products 

Traditional insurance advertising focused on products, and insurance marketing is still a way to let your customers know about your products, both new and established. If you’re offering a discounted rate to seniors who’ve never had an auto accident, marketing lets people know. If you have a kit for parents of new babies that they can pick up when they purchase home insurance, marketing spreads the word. When you have new products or deals, marketing is your mouthpiece to let your community know.

At American Agents Alliance, we’re here to help you grow your insurance business. Whether your business is large and established or small and growing, our many membership benefits can help you develop your business, create employee capacity, and succeed in insurance marketing. Contact us today and see how we can help your insurance business shine.

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