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Why Your Agency Needs a Mobile-Friendly Website

So, you have finally committed to dedicating more time to your agency’s online presence, whether by posting blog entries, industry news or simple updates on what’s going on at your office—you’re taking the steps needed to become a much more digital brand.

However, if your pages aren’t mobile-friendly, this extra effort may not mean much. What does a mobile-friendly website entail? It includes content and interactive media that can be easily read or viewed on Smartphones and tablets. Even though there are special considerations and web knowledge needed to build these types of sites, there are several key reasons why it is essential that your business has one:

  • You don’t want to frustrate any potential customers. It’s a great thing if your internet marketing strategies have been successful enough that numerous people are clicking on your site via their mobile phones or other devices. Therefore, you don’t want to counteract this achievement by turning them away once they get to the site. The chances that a potential customer would take the time to try to log onto your page again once they have access to laptop or desktop are slim to none. Not having a mobile-friendly website also speaks to your company’s customer service. If you sell a service through which customers will need to have regular contact with one of your employees – let’s say your workers are agents who offer PA business insurance – clients are going to want to know that you are dedicated to providing them with a quick and easy claims process.

  • Online searches stemming from PCs/desktops are becoming less and less common. In fact, it is expected that the number of people who access the web through their mobile devices will exceed that of those who use PCs/desktops within three years. This doesn’t necessarily mean that there will be fewer searches – there will likely be even more.

  • Think about your target audience. How will these people be seeking information for services they need? Young Pennsylvania residents who are thinking about buying homes will likely need Erie home insurance, and they’re probably going to scour their online friends’ Facebook and Twitter pages until they find a recommended local agent or provider. Chances are that these social media searches will be conducted on individuals’ mobile devices during their daily commute on public transportation or while they sit in the waiting room at the doctor’s office. Eventually, social media-based links will lead them to your company’s webpage, and if your site isn’t readable on a mobile device, you’ll be saying goodbye to your new prospective customer.

Overall, if you’re going to take the leap into the internet marketing world, you may as well jump in with two feet and ensure that your company’s site is compatible with all types tools that people use to access the web. This doesn’t mean that you should cut back on your online content. The more information, photos and videos you have on your site, the more engaged your potential customers will be.

About the Author: John Mulcahy is President of Nicklas Insurance Group, located in Pennsylvania.

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