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4 Stories Your Insurance Clients Want to Hear in 2017

Everyone loves a good story. When you’re creating web content or social media posts, they’ll be more effective if you surprise and engage your audience by telling them about emerging stories and about issues that are relevant to them right now. This year, tell these stories to your audience as you develop your insurance marketing plan.


1. How Will My Insurance Help Me Handle a Disaster?

From floods to fires to hurricanes, as disasters make the news, the homeowners you work with get worried. What exactly is covered under their homeowner’s insurance plan?

They want to know about what’s covered and what’s not covered: is debris removal covered? What about flood insurance? Are there any specific disasters that don’t qualify under their policy?

Make sure that you create different content for different audiences. Those who live in a condo need to know about contents insurance. Renters also want to know how your insurance can protect their property during a disaster, and landlords need to know how you can help them insure their additional properties.


2. How Can I Cover My Home-Based Business?

More people are working from home, either from a home-based business or with a company that allows them to telecommute. This means that they need to know how to protect their data and devices. They also need to know about insurance for their home-based business.

You can help your clients navigate the fusion of home and work by assisting them with information about homeowners’ policies. They’ll have questions about whether their current policy covers their type of operation and revenue. They may also be looking for insurance such as professional liability insurance.


3. How Can Insurance Help Me During My Change in Life Circumstances?

The US is undergoing many generational shifts. The Baby Boomers are retiring and, in their retirement, they have questions about how their insurance may change. Will they be able to keep the same auto insurance premiums? How will their home insurance change if they move to an apartment?

You will also see the bulge of the Millennial generation continue to go to college, rent a home, get settled, and start a family. They may not always follow this route, either. Millennials need to know how insurance can protect them and how it can work with their existing living situation, whether it’s with a group of college roommates or whether it’s running a mobile home business. They’re worried about affordability and flexibility.


4. How Can I Solve My Insurance Problem Right Now?

Sometimes your clients want to know about breaking news in the insurance industry, but often they come to you with a specific problem that they need you to solve. Client expectations are changing. The insurance world is not a Monday to Friday, 9-5 operation. Of course, personal disasters never worked on that timeline, but now your clients don’t either. Across all businesses, clients expect quick answers to their insurance problems and questions. This year, they’ll expect you to:

  • Have a comprehensive FAQ section that answers their most common queries about your business.
  • Cover these FAQs within articles on your website so that you can give them more information at any hour of the day or night.
  • Create higher-value products that customers can access on their own time frame, like ebooks and videos.
  • Use bots to connect with customers online and with social media, both so that you can answer their questions immediately and so that you can collect information to further tailor their insurance experience.
  • Have extended hours on social media, use a call center, or think of other creative ways to be available when your customers need you.
  • Ask questions on social media or with Facebook and Youtube live videos so that your customers have an interactive experience that gets them the answers they’re seeking right now.

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