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Always Document Telephone Conversations

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Claim Scenario

Always document telephone conversations to reduce the likelihood of an E&O claim. In this E&O insurance prevention tip post, a small town insurance agent handling mostly local insurance needs for friends and neighbors received a call from an old friend to plan a fishing trip. During that call the friend described a new car purchased for one of his children and he and the agent briefly discuss adding the vehicle to his policy, and then continue their trip planning. By the end of the conversation the agent is so focused on the trip plans that he has forgotten the portion of the conversation dealing with the new car. The friend's child is subsequently involved in an accident and the damage claim is denied by the auto carrier, resulting in an E&O claim against the agent.

E&O Prevention Tip 

The telephone is often the primary communication tool for agents and customers. It is important to document both incoming and outgoing telephone conversations, including cell phone contacts, between agent and client as well as between agent and insurance company personnel including underwriters and claims adjusters. Call documentation should include:

  • Date/ time of the call

  • Names of those involved

  • A summary of the conversation

  • Any notification, action requested, agreement or commitment by either party to the conversation

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