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Building the Foundations of Your Insurance Agency

Growing your insurance business should be a delight, not a chore. Yet it can be difficult to figure out the right way to grow your business. What foundations should you start with to ensure that your insurance agency has a sound start now and can grow in the future?

Developing foundations such as a system of nurturing warm transfer leads can help you develop a strategy for sustained growth at your insurance agency.


Develop a Business Strategy

As you develop the foundations of your insurance agency, you need a strong business strategy.

According to YFS Magazine, “simply having a solid business plan actually doubles your chance of success. Solid business plans increase your likelihood of reaching goals like securing a loan, finding investment capital, or hiring workers.” Within your business plan, you need to have multiple strategies for business promotion and longevity.

Work with an association, such as the American Agents Alliance, that understands your clients.
Work with an association, such as the American Agents Alliance, that understands your clients.

Finding Leads for Your Insurance Agency

When you want to grow your business, finding and nurturing leads is the way to go.

To find leads, according to Jeff Bullas, you can:

  • Optimize your website to convert leads
  • Find leads on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn
  • Comment on Quora questions
  • Comment o other peoples’ blogs or guest blog
  • Create and share videos on YouTube
  • Invest in technology such as chatbots to nurture leads
  • Continue to develop and optimize your content to draw in and engage leads

Warm Transfer Leads Are Key to Growth

While finding leads is important, nurturing them is even more important. A warm lead is a lead that has shown interest in your company by following you online, signing up for your emails, or being referred by a friend or someone else online. These leads are already interested in your insurance agency. This means that they could be ready to take the next step to become a client.

As you build your insurance agency, consider partnering with an association such as the American Agents Alliance that offers best practices in communication with your warm transfer leads, automatic communication with those leads, and customizable templates to communicate with your prospects.


Pair Lead Nurturing With Sales Training

Depending on their education and work background, those who love insurance may not have extensive sales training. That’s why it’s important to pair lead nurturing with sales training for those who come into contact with your leads on a regular basis. Learn strategies to communicate with, close, and maintain relationships with leads to increase your agency’s success. Regular sales training keeps your employees up to date on client needs and trends in the insurance field.

Are you working to find and nurture leads for your insurance agency? Connect with us at the American Agents Alliance. We offer many membership benefits, including a free 60-day trial of automated lead nurturing. Visit our website and try it out today.

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