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How to Generate Leads in 2023 — Lead Generation Trends to Try

One constant in life for independent insurance agents and brokers is lead generation. You need to always be searching for new ways to generate business. Thinking about your future pipeline is critical as an agent. Read on for trending ideas on how to generate leads in 2023. 

How to Generate Leads in 2023

The basics of lead generation don’t change. It’s all about attracting customers to your business. But how you do this depends on lots of factors, and trends change over time. Here are some trending ways to generate leads in 2023 to try at your agency: 

Automate parts of your lead generation system.

You likely already have a digital presence through your website and social media channels. Try taking this a step further by automating some processes. You can automate sales ads and posts on LinkedIn and other social media channels. You could schedule emails to send at key times to potential customers passing through your lead generation funnel. Finally, you can automate responses to leads when they ask for more information on your website. These steps save you time, allowing you to focus on more critical lead generation and customer management tasks.

Rely on chatbots to handle parts of your lead process.

Using chatbots to manage some aspects of your lead generation process is a best practice. When leads visit your website, they can interact with a chatbot to ask questions. If you set up your discussion parameters well, the bot can answer questions, send links, and direct your leads through your sales funnel without any further action from you. Some chatbots are machine learning-enabled so they will get better over time as they learn more about your business and customers.

Give video a try.

Video marketing has taken off in recent years with TikTok, Instagram reels, and YouTube trends. Lots of agents and producers have started YouTube channels to post informative and educational videos. Both longer and shorter-form content do well. This type of content can help you become a thought leader in your niche while also educating potential customers and attracting leads.

Use interactive content to attract leads.

Interactive content is starting to be more popular. Try using polls in your Twitter and LinkedIn posts to encourage interaction. This engaging content can be light-hearted, like asking about weekend plans, or it can be more serious and insurance-focused. Including GIFs and fun animations in emails can increase the open rate by up to 73%.

Try personalization to drive customer engagement.

Hyper-personalization is the new trend in customer engagement in 2023. It’s not enough to personalize emails to your leads with their name any longer. Now it’s about hyper-personalization, which takes the idea of personalizing content a step beyond getting names right. It now involves knowing your potential customer deeply and anticipating what they will like. People want a personalized experience — and delivering it could mean greater sales. As insurance agents, you need to know what your customers want and anticipate their needs. For example, when you know your auto insurance customer has a teenager you may want to start talking with them about teen drivers, auto safety, and increasing rates.

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