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Do You Need an Independent Insurance Agent Association?

Do you need to belong to an insurance agent association? While it's not mandatory to be part of such a group, the benefits that you can gain from joining an independent insurance agent association are huge, and there is no real downside to participation. What could you gain by joining an insurance agent association?

Discounted Rates 

As an insurance agency, you have core expenses that are hard to change. You can't forgo areas like continuing education for your staff, disability insurance, and E&O insurance. With membership in an insurance agent association, you can receive discounted rates on some of your core needs, allowing you to find quality products, support your agency's safety and development, and reduce your spending. 

Legal and Consulting Advice 

Advice is precious, but not all advice comes with equal weight. With membership in an insurance agent association, you can expect to receive advice that is legally accurate and relevant to your specific issues as an independent insurance agent. Whether you need help with creating processes that will ensure your agency's longevity and safety or you need to know more about how an insurance product might fit into the spectrum of what you offer your clients, you can turn to the expert advice of others in an insurance agent association.

Networking Opportunities 

The experiences of others in your field are invaluable and can help your insurance agency learn and grow. For instance, one agency might have a successful public education program, while another could have experience using software products that you have not yet tried. By networking with other agencies, you can remain up-to-date in your field. You can also reach potential future collaborators and prospective employees. 

Annual Conference 

As a professional in the insurance field, you want to stay current on everything from issues of concern in your industry to the best tools to help you support your agency's longevity and growth. At conferences, you can learn from service providers and others in the insurance field. American Agents Alliance offers an annual conference with valuable networking opportunities for insurance agents from around the country.

Lead Nurturing 

As you grow your business, you need resources to help you nurture leads and develop your sales skills. With an independent insurance agent association, you'll find resources to help you nurture your leads and provide live calls to help you develop your client base. Work with others to improve your sales by increasing your own skills and working with other sales professionals. 

Forms and Manuals 

Do you ever feel frustrated when you look for the latest paperwork, such as the employment laws or forms that you use in your everyday practice, such as a disclosure form? An independent insurance agent association such as American Agents Alliance can offer all of these forms in a single location so that you can access the most up-to-date paperwork without having to constantly reinvent it at your own agency. 

Are you looking for a professional association that will bring you long-lasting benefits? Work with a network that has been developed by independent insurance agents for independent insurance agents. American Agents Alliance is dedicated to helping independent insurance agents and brokers thrive through advocacy, education, and networking. Contact us to discover how we can help your insurance agency grow today. 


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