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Establishing Productivity Within Your Insurance Agency

Do you believe your agency is productive enough? Every insurance agency owner believes they have the best workers and customers around, but understanding how to establish productivity can allow your business to thrive effectively. Identifying the characteristics that make a great insurance agency can help you focus on your goals. What exactly is productivity?

This is a loaded question. Productivity can be comprised of how much of a product you sell over a certain period of time and how many customers you serve. Breaking down these numbers is the first step in evaluating the productivity of your agency. Next, you should make sure your employees are provided with an office environment in which they can produce the best service possible. The last thing you want to happen is for them to become burnt out.

If you are worried that your agents are overworked or need help managing their workload, here are some tips to help them remain motivated and to boost productivity:

  • Establish a clear vision for everyone. Explain where you want the business to go and why. Writing up a mission statement as a team is helpful to do.

  • Be sure that everyone is aware of the expectations of the agency. The clients come first and foremost, which is why communication is extremely important so no issues arise.

  • Establish a presence around your employees, but don’t be overbearing. Trust that they are doing their work, but you can also make yourself available for questions, advice, and support.

  • If you get caught up with all of the tasks you need to complete, stop and take a second to breathe. With the help of your team, everything will get done. Regain your confidence and continue pushing forward.

  • Operating an insurance agency means you know what emergencies are. Take them into account and apply plans of action in case something goes wrong. This ensures that chaos and mishaps will be kept under control. Your responsibilities as a local insurance agency are large.

The community relies on you for quality and affordable insurance products. Offering them the right tools and adhering to a strict set of expectations can help you satisfy their needs. In addition, staying true to your company’s vision and take the proper steps to establish stronger productivity can steer your agency in the right direction!

About the Author: Lloyd Pro Group is an Atlanta-based insurance agency started in 1985. It now serves more than 15,000 clients various personal lines and business lines of insurance and services. The agency is dedicated to providing a customized approach and anticipating their clients’ needs to develop proactive risk transferring strategies.

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