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Grow Your Client Base Through Recommendations

Every business loves them: The clients who just can’t say enough good things about your product and your service. Wouldn’t it be great if you could bottle those good feelings and pass them out to all your potential clients? In a way, you can – with your LinkedIn account and a few carefully worded emails. Here’s how to do it: In your email, explain that you’re asking a few special clients to provide recommendations to help build your LinkedIn profile. Let them know you’re looking for brief recommendations – nothing time-consuming. Explain the type of response you’re looking for:

  • Let them know that a conversational tone is fine.
  • Ask them to make sure the recommendation is focused on the service or product you provided.
  • Many people have never written a recommendation, so make it easier by providing a couple of sample LinkedIn recommendations so they can get an idea of how to write what you’re looking for.
  • Give a deadline by when you’d like to have the recommendation – say a week or two. Something along the lines of, “I’ll be updating my profile during the next week or so, and it would be great to have your recommendation for that update.”

Finally, don’t forget to send a quick “thanks” via email when you receive a recommendation. To read more ideas on promoting your business, visit the American Agents Alliance website today. We’re a national insurance association dedicated to helping you succeed through advocacy, education, and networking!

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