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Heading Home: What Your Insurance Agency Needs on Its Homepage

You want to make a splash with your website, but before you dive into the deep end of website creation, consider this: what can you do to make your homepage truly compelling? When you’re thinking about how to market insurance, your home page is often the first connection that your visitors have with your insurance agency. Make sure that it conveys the core messages that you want to transmit to your readers and turns them from casual site visitors into eager insurance customers.


Have a Clear Message

When people land on your home page, they need to know who you are within seconds. Then they can dig deeper and make sure that your products are right for them. Your home page must have a strong headline that tells visitors about your business. The design of your page also needs to be clear: the visitor’s eye should go to your core message before anything else, and any vital information such as your phone number should be simple to find. Back up your headline with social statements such as testimonials that show what others value about your business. A single, well-executed message is much more powerful than many competing messages about your diverse products.


Back Up Your Message With Impeccable Design

You’ve spent years developing your business. Understand that your home page provides you with an opportunity to show off the feel of your brand. You can do this in words, but you can also do it through images and graphic design. Your design should echo your brand through images and layout. If you pride yourself on your connection with seniors and your brand is oriented toward their needs, you might choose a more traditional-looking site that relaxes and reassures this audience. Any images that you use should align with that branding as well: if you want to appeal to seniors, use images of happy seniors on your home page or use images of the homes or vehicles they seek to protect with your insurance.


Let Them Know Where to Go

How will your insurance customers know who to call if your number isn’t prominent on the screen? You need to communicate essential information about your company, such as your address, email contact, phone number, and any other available methods of communicating with your business. All too often, these pieces of information aren’t very visible on a business’s home page. Local customers are left wondering whether you’re close enough to visit, while your out-of-town customers are uncertain about how to get in touch to ask questions about your insurance products. Create a prominent navigation bar as well, so that your leads can find their way easily through the website.


Give Clear Directions

When you develop your home page, you need to give your site visitors clear direction as to what they need to do next. Guide your website visitor to your call to action. Develop a product that’s featured on your home page to encourage people to sign up for your email list and to collect basic information about those visitors. The more you know about your prospective customers, the more you can target future web content and valuable resources to their needs.

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