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How to Help Your Policyholder Through Their First Insurance Claim

At some point, one of your policyholders will have an accident and call you for help. If it is their first insurance claim, they may need you to reassure them and walk them through the claims process. Here’s what to know about how to help your insured with their first insurance claim.

How to Help Your Insured With Their First Insurance Claim

Accidents are stressful and scary experiences, especially when it is your first one. If your insured is filing a claim for the first time, they often need help and reassurance from their agent. Here are some ways to help your insured with their first insurance claim:

Provide contact information for the insurance company and policy limits to your insured.

Help your insured contact their insurance company to file a claim. Provide their coverage details, like deductibles and policy limits. Help them navigate their insurer’s website to upload supporting documents and file their claim. You can also help them to understand their policy language.

Listen to their concerns and provide support.

First claims are often stressful. You can help by listening to your insured, providing reassurance, and empathizing with their concerns. Let them know you are there to help and support them and explain the role of the insurance adjuster.

Work with your insured to complete any necessary paperwork.

Whether your policyholder files their claim digitally or via telephone, they will need to complete paperwork to document the claim. You can help them gather evidence, secure the police report, and find the right forms to complete. Help them file digitally or mail their paperwork to the carrier.

Explain policy language, exclusions, and conditions.

Your insured may not understand the policy language. You can help them by interpreting their policy and explaining any applicable exclusions and conditions. Make sure they understand any relevant time frames and what they need to do to file their claim successfully.

Tips for Agents Helping Policyholders With Claims

  • Be patient. Even though you have seen many claims, this is the first time for your insured. Claims are stressful even when everything goes smoothly, so take your time with your insured.
  • Listen. Your insured will have specific concerns and needs. Be sure to listen to these challenges to address them first. Every insured will have different priorities during the claims process, but most people want others to listen to them and help according to their needs.
  • Be proactive. Offer solutions and help for issues that you know may arise. You can predict how the claim will progress and offer help along the way.
  • Follow up. Call your insured to follow up on the status of the claim. Check in with the insurance company if your insured has questions. Reach out proactively to resolve issues quickly.
  • Be cautious with claims advice. Your insured will likely worry about the effects of filing a claim, such as rate increases or non-renewals. Be careful about advising your insured about these concerns. Stay aware of E&O issues when discussing claims with your policyholders.

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