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Hiring Quality People

Good employees can play a critical role in helping you grow your independent insurance agency, and they can also make running your insurance agency a lot more enjoyable. Bad employees, on the other hand – well, that’s a completely different story.

Here are some tips to help you identify quality candidates:

  • Make sure the job description fully reflects the employee’s role, including necessary skill sets, experiences and personality characteristics of the ideal candidate.

  • Look at your current employees and determine what makes one better than another to identify traits that would be desirable in your new hire.

  • In addition to job-related skills, look for these qualities:

    • Personality: Look for someone who will fit in well with existing employees and routines and mesh well with your company’s philosophy and who will get along with your target audience.

    • Commitment: Ideally, you want an employee who’s serious about working for your company and helping it grow. Eliminate job-hoppers by reviewing past job history.

  • Don’t post your ad on every available job board; instead, focus on job boards and other media used by suitable candidates.

  • Use the phone to screen potential candidates. Take some time to develop a list of questions that help weed out unsuitable applicants and identify qualified candidates​

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