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How to Use Testimonials in Marketing as an Insurance Agent

Satisfied customers who leave positive reviews are very valuable to your agency. In this digital world, many consumers trust the word of other customers over company-sponsored marketing efforts — some statistics show 92% of consumers read at least one online review while considering their purchase. Learn how to use testimonials in marketing as an independent insurance agent or broker.


How to Use Testimonials in Marketing Your Agency

There are various ways to leverage customer testimonials to market your agency. First start by making sure you have a way to view and record testimonials. If someone writes an online review on a third-party site like Yelp, have a way to track and take note of these. Also, track reviews on your own sites, like your agency’s Facebook or Twitter page. Allow notifications so you see immediately when someone posts about your agency.

Once you have a solid notification and tracking system in place, you can start leveraging customer testimonials to support your marketing efforts. Keep any regulatory, legislative, or privacy issues in mind when using testimonials. Consider these ideas:

Add customer testimonials to your webpage and social media sites.

You probably use social media advertising already. Take advantage of those platforms and your existing audience to share testimonials when you receive them. Many people start their search for a brand or company on social media and they rely on what they read. Adding testimonials to your site and in your posts reinforces your brand’s message.

Ask customers for video testimonials.

Make it easy for your customers to review you and your agency. If you want them to do a video testimonial, send them a link they can easily use to record one. Short-form videos are popular on social media sites and could be an engaging way to supplement your marketing efforts. Reach out to your customers with a request for a review along with a link to make it easy for them — then use those videos in your marketing efforts.

Include testimonials in blogs and case studies.

When crafting thought leadership content like blogs or case studies, work in relevant customer testimonials. Think about how your success with a past client could help a new customer with their decisions then include those testimonials when it makes sense.

Use targeted testimonials.

Consider your audience when selecting the right testimonials to use in your marketing efforts. For example, if you are sending an email campaign about teen drivers, consider including a testimonial from a parent you recently helped alongside information about how you can help other parents facing the same challenge. If you are marketing to a commercial client, include a testimonial from another business in their industry. 

Be sure testimonials show a tangible impact.

Positive reviews are generally always helpful, but ones that point out tangible outcomes may be more powerful. A review that talks about saving 10% every year on premiums because of an agent’s help describes the real savings and impact a potential consumer may see. These types of testimonials are valuable for your agency because they show people your impact.


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