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Lead Generation Programs Support Your Overall Insurance Agency Marketing Strategy

Lead generation is a vital function of every insurance agency. You need to find new potential customers all the time to continue growing your book of business. And not just any potential customers will do – you need quality leads to support your overall agency marketing strategy.

With so many insurance lead generation companies selling lead and nurturing programs, though, you may be overwhelmed researching your options. Many different companies are available to choose from, but they may not all meet your expectations.

Read more to learn how to use lead generation programs to support your overall insurance agency marketing strategy, then ask us how our exclusive lead generation and nurturing packages can help your agency today!


Lead Generation Programs Support Insurance Agency Marketing Strategy

Agents can rely on lead generation programs to help support their marketing efforts in various ways.


Build a pipeline of referrals.

One way to use a lead generation program to augment your marketing plan is by building a pipeline of future referrals through it. When you work with a lead from your program, ask for referrals. A happy customer is one of your best sources of continued referrals, so be sure to ask for referrals when you meet with customers from your lead generation program. It is a great way to amplify the power of your lead generation program.


Use your lead generation program to diversify your marketing efforts.

Your marketing plan should include finding quality leads from different sources. Having a diverse strategy means that even if one area of lead generation dries up, you will have others to pursue. A solid lead generation program enhances your other marketing efforts, like your website and social media marketing.


Rely on consistent leads from your lead generation program.

When you know you will receive a pre-determined number of quality leads every time, you can plan the rest of your marketing strategy around this. Your lead generation program can send you leads at your desired intervals, say every week or every month. You can plan how to supplement these leads with others you generate organically from your other marketing efforts.


Ask other agents how they use their lead generation program to maximize their marketing efforts.

A great question to ask other agents when networking with colleagues is how they maximize their lead generation program. Since the insurance industry is constantly changing, there are bound to be new ways to be creative when working with your lead generation program. Your mentors, teammates, and agents within your network can offer you ideas to help you – all you need to do is ask!


Before beginning a lead generation program, train your agency staff to learn tips for success with lead generation programs.

One valuable member benefit of the American Agents Alliance is member training and communication scripting before your first call. This lets you and your staff convert more leads with less effort. You will also receive ongoing monthly support in the form of training and coaching.


How to Find the Right Lead Generation Program for Your Agency

Not all lead generation companies offer the same value. Some may provide recycled or shared leads, and others may not guarantee leads at your desired intervals. Some lead generation companies may not offer training or ongoing support, leaving your agency to figure it out at your expense.

You can avoid these challenges with lead generation programs when you purchase exclusive lead generation and nurturing packages through the American Agents Alliance. Contact us to learn more and become a member of the American Agents Alliance today!

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