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An Agency Owner’s Guide to Lead Generation

If your agency struggles with lead generation, you are not alone. 50.59% of insurance agents and agency owners admit challenges with finding, keeping, and managing leads. Once, the insurance business relied on cold calling and direct mail to find new leads. Now, the most effective way to find referrals is through inbound online marketing. Here are four strategies to improve inbound lead generation and increase warm leads.


Online Marketing: Web Presence for Your Insurance Business

Your online presence matters; 69 percent of consumers polled by Localogy stated they run online searches on insurers and agencies before making an insurance purchase. Potential customers are also seeking to take their business locally. Google discovered mobile searches for “insurance near me” increased by over 100 percent during the last two years.

If you want your company or agency to show up in these searches, start with your website. Sites that make it to the top of Google searches use search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. The primary element of SEO is using the correct keywords on your website so customers find you on online search engines. Obvious keywords include your product type (e.g., “health insurance” or “auto insurance”) or general descriptors including “insurance policies,” “insurance products.”

Include descriptions of your location, including city, county, or region, if your agency has a far reach. Many agencies in larger cities find including their city name is sufficient. But agencies in rural or lower-populated areas should include county information–including surrounding counties. That will expand your market.

Once you have your SEO strategies outlined, start adding content to your website. Blogs provide information and allow you to showcase your expertise and add more keywords to your site. However, do not start a blog unless you commit to updating it at least once a month—ideally twice a month. An out-of-date blog causes more damage to your web presence than no blog because it makes your website appear neglected. So, do not start this project until you are ready to pay attention to it.

Online marketing strategies also include videos and webinars. If one of your agents loves to make video presentations, consider starting a YouTube channel. You can use YouTube to host your video content. As younger customers often prefer videos to written articles, this strategy is an excellent way to teach them about insurance products and help them make purchase decisions.

Finally, encourage customers to write reviews. Start a contest for writing reviews on Google, Yelp, or Facebook. When someone writes a review, put them in a drawing for a prize, like free consultations, gift cards, or anything else in that spirit. You can also run short-term promotions, e.g., anyone who writes a review this month receives a free $10.00 Amazon gift card.


Social Media: Connections & Referrals

You may consider social media an irritant and distraction, but that mindset is regressive thinking in this online marketing age.

Social media is not just a toy for teenagers: only 2.9 percent of Facebook users are 13 to 17 years old. The largest demographic on Facebook is ages 25 to 34 (25 percent), and likely seeking their first insurance policies! The second largest group ranges from 35 to 44 years old, and that demographic is also probably looking for auto, home, property, and life insurance.

Facebook is an excellent way to bring in customers. Add the “Get a Quote” to your page and keep it updated. You can share your latest blog entries or videos. Many agencies also share insurance industry developments and news that may affect their customer base. As you share content, more people will see and “like” it. Use the exact SEO keywords that work for your webpage and blog. If you have a Twitter account, you can use it in the same way.

YouTube is technically a video platform, but it works the same way as social media. If you wish to market to younger generations, videos are the best way to do it. Explain topics like home insurance coverage, what to do after a car accident, and how to secure the best rates. Once you make videos, post them on your YouTube channel and share them on your blog and other social media platforms.

You can also use social media for professional networking. LinkedIn became an excellent networking tool during COVID. It will remain that way; many of your colleagues continue to work from home. Others may still feel wary about attending large and crowded events. Keep that platform active, and you attract referrals. For example, if your niche market is home insurance, a colleague specializing in employee benefits may refer a client to you because they do not sell home insurance.


Warm Leads & Business Retention

We talked about online lead generation strategies, but the new online world has not eliminated the human touch. Even with online research and purchasing, insurance agents remain necessary.

Seventy-four percent of prospective customers research auto insurance companies and their customer service reviews online. However, only 25 percent of them make an online policy purchase. Most consumers call an agent to complete policy details (50 percent) or contact the insurance company’s call center (22 percent) to ask questions or purchase policies.

Also, as stated above, many people want to work with a local agent. Therefore, they will search for you on their mobile devices and see which offices are closest to their workplace or home. Once they find you, they will call or even drop by to see if you offer a good customer experience.

These warm leads already find you appealing, and your insurance agents must prepare to market and maintain that appeal. Listen carefully and offer good information. Understand demographics: different areas, professions, family structures, generations, and even cultures have varied insurance needs. For example, you will probably not convince a 25-year-old with no spouse or children to purchase life insurance, but they may decide to include renter’s insurance with their auto policy.

Once you convert a lead, keep in contact with them, so you can be there for them when their circumstances change. For example, the 25-year-old with the renter’s insurance and auto policy may need life or homeowner’s insurance later. Keep your sales process updated, so you adapt to your customers’ life changes.


Software & Services: Bring Quality Leads to You

If these insurance sales developments sound overwhelming, it’s not your imagination. Insurance marketing changed dramatically during the last two decades. Unfortunately, the online landscape has not become easier to manage. Once, getting on Google meant stuffing as many keywords as possible in your content. This practice gets you flagged for spam. You need the right keywords in your website and must learn not to use one or two excessively.

The American Agents Alliance offers guidance for online marketing in our lead generation services. You can learn more about SEO and marketing on social media, so your online platforms bring in more warm leads.

Our other lead generation services include:

  • Live calls: We partnered with Datalot to offer members a $200 call bonus. With Datalot, phone calls go to them first, and after screening the prospect, transfer them to your agency’s phone number. As a result, you can narrow calls to your target audience and find more qualified leads.
  • Automated lead nurturing: Another partner, Blitz Sales Software, manages communication with prospects, agency operations, and templates to help communicate with potential customers. You can schedule follow-up calls and better keep new business—through this easy automation software! Blitz currently offers a free 60-day trial of their services for all members.
  • Training and scripting: Our programs train insurance agents and salespeople to close deals and overcome prospect objects. If needed, we also offer ongoing monthly coaching and training sessions.
  • The American Agents Alliance 2021 Conference & Expo: It is happening this year! Network, train, and learn at the JW Marriot Desert Springs Resort & Spa in Palm Desert, CA. Besides learning and networking more, you can also enjoy golf, live music, and other special events.

Lead generation is challenging but not impossible. The American Agents Alliance is ready to help your agency succeed in the digital age. Become a member today to take advantage of our services and benefits.

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