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Marketing Your Small Insurance Agency

Your insurance agency is small, but you're strong and growing. When you're a small agency, you have unique challenges because your geographic range and your budget aren't nearly as mighty as the larger insurance companies. Whether you're just starting out or you've decided to stay small, the size of your insurance agency can change your marketing strategies but it doesn't need to hamper your growth.

Find Your Niche
When you're small, one of the disadvantages is that you can't necessarily sell all of the insurance products that you'd like to sell. This is also one of your advantages. With a small size and a workplace where people know each other well, you can build competency in a more niche line of insurance products. You have the opportunity to become the expert in those particular products, bringing your strong competency to your clients.

Build a Strong Web Presence
The advantage of the web is that the tiniest business can create a very large presence. As you grow your business, put effort into your website to develop a site that's worthy of your ambitions and that serves your current clients well. Even if you don't have a huge marketing budget, your site can be a strong marketing tool. Add social media profiles to your roster of insurance agency marketing tools, and focus your energy on those that you feel will best serve your business growth.

Create Relationships
You don't need to be a large organization to focus on creating strong relationships with your clients through excellent customer service. Provide a personal approach to insurance, and you'll start to get new customers through word of mouth as well. Your relationships don't need to be local either: through blog posts that focus on core issues that your clients worry or wonder about, you can develop relationships with insurance professionals and potential clients in many parts of your city, state, and the world.

Focus on the Local
When you're small, you're often based in a single city or town, and that's just fine. That means that you have a home base where you can focus your attention on building positive word of mouth, sending out advertising flyers, or participating in the community fair. There are advantages to staying small, and these advantages allow you to root yourself in the local community.

Be Nimble
You can be fleet of foot: this is one insurance agency marketing advantage of the smaller business. A larger, more established organization may need to go through a lot of discussions before adopting a new marketing campaign, adding a product, or changing corporate direction. If you have a smaller group of employees, you can shift as the insurance market changes.

Be Creative
Want to spice up your insurance agency marketing? You can be quick and sassy when you're a smaller organization. You could organize a flash mob insurance scenario on Main Street, create a disaster-themed parade float, or place fake "wanted" posters around your neighborhood to advertise scenarios where you might need insurance. You'll still need to consider the implications of your creative advertising campaign, but a smaller size lets you be a little more flexible in your marketing.

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