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QR Codes May be the Next Big Thing for Internet Marketing

As we all know, Internet Marketing has quickly evolved from a basic idea into an essential component for business growth. Many larger companies are on the cutting edge of the latest and greatest sales techniques, one of which is quick response (QR) coding.

A recent report from comScore showed that during the month of June alone, more than 14 million Americans have used their smartphones to scan QR codes –those little squares seen on print ads and products; that resemble bar codes that are scanned at the grocery store. When people scan QR codes they are typically directed to a company’s website, which means that businesses that are already using this marketing model may be experiencing a significant boost in site traffic and sales.

Here are some ways in which even small businesses can use QR codes to their advantage:

  • While the codes themselves are a convenient way for potential customers to learn more about your business, increase the odds that they will scan your code by offering discounts and promotions for those who do. People love to be part of groups that receive deals, and limited-time promotions can boost the chances that customers will act quickly and buy your agency’s Florida life insurance instead of taking the time to shop around.

  • Intertwine your QR code, Social Media and Internet Marketing strategies by directing people who scan your QR codes to your company’s Facebook or Twitter pages. This is a good idea for local businesses that post a lot of community news on their social media sites, since it will create a general awareness of your company even if people who visit the page for local information aren’t in the market for your services at that very time.

  • QR codes don’t necessarily have to direct users to an online resource. You can set them up so that a person’s phone automatically calls your business office when he or she scans the code. For example, you could display an ad in a newspaper or window sign that says “Scan here and find out if you can start saving money with Florida Medicare Supplemental Insurance in 10 minutes or less!” Older individuals who likely qualify for this type of program may be more apt to purchase your agency’s services if they can talk to someone, as opposed to review information on a website.

Before you start using QR codes for your business, ensure that your company has a strong web presence that will keep people engaged. There are endless ways to incorporate this strategy into your Internet Marketing campaign, and the more creative the better.

Bio: Donald Kirkendall is the owner of Affordable One Insurance, located in Winter Park, Florida.

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