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Start Personalizing Your Insurance Marketing

These days, most consumers probably get bombarded with insurance marketing almost every time they turn on the TV or browse the Internet. A lot of this marketing comes from national insurance companies with gigantic budgets. However, that does not mean you cannot compete with them on a modest marketing budget. You can use your own presence in and familiarity with your local community to your advantage.

Why not personalize your insurance marketing, so potential and current clients feel as if your message really resonates with them? You can establish yourself as a hometown brand and preferred community insurance agency with professional agents who really care about clients and the local area.

Tips to Personalize Your Insurance Marketing

Anytime you can highlight ways that your agency has helped past clients, you have an opportunity to score a lot of points with potential future clients. Did you spend 16 hours on the phone after the last major storm in your area trying to expedite claims? Did you help a client get a settlement for injuries or damages after an auto accident? Don't keep these things a secret. In fact, you may even be able to get a satisfied client to act as your spokesperson. He or she might give you permission to share a story on your social media page. Other community members are bound to share interesting stories about their neighbors, and this can help you enjoy the benefits of viral marketing. Best of all, these kinds of personal testimonies can get the phone to ring. Other people will want to enjoy the kids of service that you provided to your past customers.

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