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Summertime is a Great Opportunity to Reach Out to Clients

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The long, lazy days of summer mean more backyard fun, vacations, and even weddings. While many people focus on the upcoming fun, they don’t think about the hazards involved in these activities. This makes summertime the perfect time for insurance agents to contact their clients for a policy review. Consider some of these activities that are often underinsured or not covered at all.


Swimming Pools

Target clients who have recently installed a new pool or purchased a home with a pool already installed. They are probably unaware of the serious risks that come along with this water wonderland. Discuss the benefits of increasing their liability coverage to protect them from lawsuits if someone is injured or drowns in the pool. In addition, discuss swimming pool modifications such as a diving board or a slide, which may not be covered under all policies.


Backyard Barbeques

Barbeque grills are a significant source of home fires during the warm months of the year. While damage is covered under most homeowner insurance policies, it’s best to prevent them from ever occurring. Provide clients with the following safety tips.

  • Never use a grill indoors, in a garage, or any other enclosed space.
  • Move the grill at least 10 feet away from all buildings and ensure it is on a level fireproof surface.
  • Never leave the grill unattended.
  • Soak used charcoal in water before disposing of it to prevent fires.
  • Store propane, grills, and other grilling materials away from the main household.


Road Trips

Remind clients about the many benefits of obtaining travel insurance for those big summer vacations. While many travelers think about the occasional flat tire, they don’t think about the expense of a disabled vehicle 300 miles from home. In addition, high-ticket dream vacations, such as cruises, may not be adequately insured against illness, cancellation, flight delays or weather issues.


Wedding Season

If your agency offers wedding insurance be sure to contact clients with appropriately aged children. With the average wedding cost running around $30,000, most don’t consider what would happen to their deposits if it gets canceled due to weather or other circumstances beyond their control. For more tips on how to grow your agency and serve your clients, become a member of the American Agents Alliance.



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