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Summer Safety Trips for Drivers

Summertime is finally here. Since many parts of the country endured a long and cold winter, your clients are probably eager to enjoy their favorite water sports, go camping, or take a road trip. As an insurance agent, you might use this as an opportunity to connect with clients via your newsletter and social networking sites. You can wish them a safe and pleasant summer vacation, and you can remind them about some summer safety driving hazards that they might not be protected against.


Summer Driving Hazards

Sure, you make certain that your clients carry adequate liability insurance on their vehicles, and many of your clients probably also carry comprehensive and collision coverage. But how do they protect all of the things that they pack inside, strap on top, or tow behind their cars, trucks, vans, and campers? Consider some additional opportunities that your clients have to protect themselves that you might mention:

  • Trailers: Typically, liability auto insurance covers trailers towed behind autos. However, the actual trailer and the boat getting towed might not be protected against damages unless they purchase separate coverage.
  • Boats: Boat insurance, for example, can provide a package of protection that protects your client’s investment in their actual boat and might even provide roadside assistance if the boat and trailer get damaged in an auto accident. Boat insurance also extends to both property damage and liability when the watercraft is in the water.
  • Recreational vehicles: RVs are a bit more complicated to cover than cars because they function as both a vehicle and a sort of home. You and your client need to consider the value of the RV and all of the personal items and gear stowed inside the vehicle.
  • Roadside assistance: These days, many top insurers offer additional roadside assistance for a modest monthly charge. This works like an auto club, so your clients can call a number for help if they have a flat tire or lock their keys in the car.
  • Car rental insurance: Surprisingly, rental car insurance confuses many consumers. You could help your clients figure out if they should buy the insurance offered at a rental car counter, rely upon the protection some credit cards offer, or come to you for help.
  • Travel insurance. Your clients don’t just drive away on vacation. Some of them even fly or take cruises to foreign lands. Can you offer affordable travel insurance packages that will help them get medical aid, reimbursements, or a ride home if they happen to get sick, miss a flight, lose their luggage, or have vacation plans ruined for other reasons?


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