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Using Client Feedback to Your Advantage

Taking full advantage of client feedback is an important part of building your insurance agency business. Both positive and negative reviews should be used wisely to make customer-based changes and successfully promote your services.


Making Changes

Negative feedback should not be ignored. Mediabistro published an infographic based on a study done by J6 Design which found that 71% of brand complaints on Twitter go without any response and “Negative reviews don’t kill brands. Not replying or inappropriate responses can.” The same study found that those who were contacted for their negative comments liked that they got a response and 83% of them were satisfied by it. Feedback from clients will help you find the holes and struggles in your business but also can point out what you are doing right. Take good feedback to heart and use it to continue giving your clients what they want.


Trustworthy Promotion

Nielsen published a study that found 92% of customers trusted word-of-mouth recommendations and reviews from family and friends (earned media). Nielson also found that 70% of consumers also trusted online customer reviews, while less than 50% trusted advertisements on TV, radio or print. American Agents Alliance, a national insurance association is dedicated to providing you with helpful business tips and professional services. For more information on membership benefits, contact us today!

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