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What to Post on Your Insurance Blog

Do you ever find yourself scratching your head and wondering what to post on your insurance blog? When blogging for your insurance agency, there should be a balance between the types of content you are offering to your visitors. You will likely have a mix of prospects and existing clients who are visiting your blog so be sure to have a blend of posts that speak to each of those types of visitors.

Not all of your posts have to be lengthy in content. They can be short and to the point with a paragraph or two and a few bullet points. If you are looking to educate, then something that is rich with detailed information would work. You can even post a simple image or a cartoon if you are looking to do something lighthearted or funny to celebrate a certain event or holiday. If you are looking to connect with those who are seeking insurance solutions, content should include how-to posts, insurance-related articles, and educational information. Topics of interest may be:

  • How to Choose the Right Homeowner’s Insurance Policy
  • How Much Coverage Should I Get?
  • Why Do I Need Life Insurance?
  • Clients Testimonials


To connect with your existing clients, content should include newsworthy information, updates about your agency, and perhaps local happenings that would be of interest to them. Content can include things like:

  • Customer Service Testimonials
  • Winter & Summer Home Safety Tips
  • Client Spotlights
  • Local Opportunities (Fundraisers, Toy Drives, Seminars, etc.)
  • Client Referral Contests


A mix of these types of posts along with high-quality images will be a great addition to your insurance agency website blog. Good content is a fantastic way to build relationships with your clients and possibly move and motivate prospects towards a conversion.

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