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Insurance Marketing Tips for Google Plus

When marketing your insurance agency, it is of the utmost importance to take advantage of as many outlets as possible, including social media.  More than a billion people take to social media on a daily basis to stay connected with the world.  And with many of them using Google+ as way to research products and services, it makes perfect sense that you should be directing a portion of your marketing efforts toward this social media platform.


Insurance Marketing Tips for Google Plus

When creating a business page on Google+, you should name it something similar to “[your company name] Insurance Agency in [Region or Area that you serve].  This way, when Google+ users search for insurance companies in their area, your business page will appear in the search results.  It’s also through your business profile that people searching on Google Maps can find your business. Once you create a page on Google+, you’ll see that you can add people to your Google+ circles.  By adding people in your local area, you can then send direct promotional messages to them via email or to their Google+ profiles.  In doing this, you are able to target consumers who are most likely to live in your area, thus being the ones who are most likely to be in need of the insurance products that you sell. It is extremely imperative that you put a g+1 button on all content you post on your site, Google+ page and blog.  By doing so, you’ll make it convenient and simple for readers to recommend what they read to their friends and family; this ultimately increases your click through rate.

Additionally, this results in 50 percent more engagement compared to various other types of normal advertising. If you’re not yet a firm believer in the g+1 button, you should be, especially being that it gets more than 5 billion hits each day. Google+ also simplifies sharing information with your people in your circles via Google Drive.  With more than 120 million users, Google Drive has proved itself to be a valuable marketing tool that should not be overlooked.  You can even create your blog postings in Google Drive and sync it with your blog, which allows you to post your content in a streamlined manner.

Another excellent way to boost your customer count on Google+ is by adding relevant keywords to all of your postings as well as your about page.  Your tagline, introduction and the links that you post on this page should boast keywords, including any of the following:

  • Auto insurance
  • Online auto insurance quote
  • Insurance rates in [city]
  • Auto insurance farm
  • Life insurance in [city]
  • Low cost insurance
  • Insurance comparison tool
  • Instant insurance quotes

You should also use the Google+ Events feature to market the community and regional events that you take part in.  For instance, if your company is hosting a community benefit dinner for someone suffering from cancer, you should make sure to post this using the Events tool.  You’ll not only improve your marketing endeavors, but it also helps you connect in a personable manner with your customers.


The Takeaway

Using the many features and tools on Google+, you can greatly increase your marketing effectiveness. Just keep in mind that the three best ways to market on this social media platform include using the Google+ Events feature, the g+1 button and sharing all blog postings on your insurance agency business page.

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