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How Podcasts Can Help You Build Your Insurance Agents’ Careers

Podcasts are education that travels light – digital audio files available in series or as single episodes. While many people use podcasts as entertainment, there are educational podcasts as well. Whether you use them to build your own career or use them to help everyone at your insurance agency to learn about a topic, they’re an ideal way to teach more about the insurance field.


Make Time for Education

At a busy insurance agency, it can be difficult to make time for education. The beauty of podcasts is that they require very little preparation, and you can find podcasts on many topics in the insurance arena. They range from short two-to-three-minute segments to an hour-long or more. You don’t need to create your own podcasts, but you certainly can if you want to.

Some of the best available insurance podcasts include:

  • Agency Nation Radio: This one explores the day-to-day challenges of running an insurance agency. It also touches on marketing topics.
  • The Harvard Business Review is ideal for those in insurance agency management. It provides gems for those who operate a business by sharing some of the solutions others have used.
  • If you don’t have time to read current industry news, try the Insurance Journal podcast. From recent news to legal issues, this podcast will keep you and your colleagues up to date on changes in the insurance field.
  • Want to excel in sales? Listen to Modern Life Insurance Selling. This podcast focuses on online strategies for sales.



Podcasts Don’t Need to Be About Insurance

In addition to insurance podcasts, your agents can listen to podcasts about sales, web design and SEO, understanding conflict, and many more podcasts that are related to the insurance industry but not specifically for insurance agents.

Learn about the latest marketing news in Marketing Over Coffee, understand web writing and content marketing at Copyblogger FM, and get insight into the challenges of starting a new business at the StartUp podcast. If customer support is your interest, learn how to be helpful to your customers at Helping Sell Radio.


Should You Make Podcasts Mandatory?

Sometimes, a podcast is so engaging that you need to share it with everyone at the office. You can use short podcasts as part of staff training sessions or assign them as homework if you’re coordinating training at your agency.

You can also position podcasts as an extra learning opportunity for those agents who want to grow in their insurance agent careers. If your insurance agents are tired of their daily commute, listening to podcasts can help them start off their day with inspiration and education.

Your employees have read books about their field while they’re at home, and podcasts are similar, but they can listen to them at the gym or while they’re making dinner – something they can’t do while reading a book. You can frame podcasts as bonus learning opportunities for your employees, creating a learning resources list that employees can look to when they need inspiration.

At American Agents Alliance, we understand your independent insurance agency. We work with agencies like yours to help you learn and grow your business. As you investigate education opportunities to boost the careers of others at your agency, contact us.

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