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Why Your Agency Needs a Strategic E-Mail Marketing Campaign


  • Email can be personalized to have a greater impact on the recipient.
  • Email can be easily tracked so that you have the information you need for tweaks and improvements.
  • Even an agency with a very small marketing budget can easily get started with an email marketing campaign.

Marketing is vital for a healthy insurance agency. You need to continually bring in new business to remain profitable and to do that you need to reach out to potential clients. Email can be a good way to do that. Nearly everyone has an email address, and sending emails requires less overhead and effort than some other marketing methods. However, there are many ways to get an email marketing campaign wrong, too. Learn what the benefits of an email marketing campaign for your agency are and why you want to get it right.

Email is Easy to Personalize

One great thing about emails is that it’s not hard to find ways to make them personal to the receiver. For example, you can add the first name of the person that will be receiving the email. You can also tailor the email to the industry or insurance type of the potential client who will be receiving it.

For example, individuals who need home insurance have different needs than individuals who need car insurance. And someone who only owns a home or only owns a car may have different needs from someone who owns both and wants to bundle.

If you’re insuring businesses, a restauranteur is going to have different needs than a car sales company. So, you can make sure that your emails acknowledge your customer’s needs and show that you understand them, what they’re looking for, and what you can do for them.

Email is Highly Trackable

No marketing campaign is perfect in the beginning. You need to know what’s working in order to make the tweaks that will improve your campaign along the way. So, how do you know what’s working and what isn’t?


Tracking Email Metrics

There are a lot of things you can track when it comes to email. Here are a few:

  • Open rates. If these are low, you may need to change your subject lines to get more opens.
  • Links clicked. For more clicks, the wording in the body of your email might need work.
  • Unsubscribe rates. If these are higher than you’d like, your message might need tweaking, or you might need to generate better leads
  • Social media shares. If your likes and shares are low, you might need a call to action that does more to encourage subscribers to share.

The more information you have, the better you can make your campaign. Tracking can give you a lot of information about ways to improve your marketing outreach.

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Email is Inexpensive and Easy to Get Started With 

There are a lot of paid marketing companies out there. Some of them are very good and can produce results for your company. But if you need to get started quickly and inexpensively, you can set up your own email marketing campaign by using free versions of email marketing software and keeping the task in-house.

Email marketing can be an important part of your strategy to grow your agency. To find out more, contact us.

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